PhoneGPT4 with Infinite Memory + Location, Weather, & Calendar Lifetime Access Version (2023)



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Introducing PhoneGPT4: Your Ultimate Personal Assistant for iOS!

Transform your phone into the smartest, most intuitive personal assistant you've ever had with PhoneGPT4. Featuring a set of fully-integrated iOS shortcuts, this revolutionary app is designed to make your life easier and more efficient than ever before.

A few of our featured customers since launching on April 2nd, 2023:

PhoneGPT4 with Infinite Memory + Location, Weather, & Calendar Lifetime Access Version (2)

If you prefer watching to reading, you can just watch this and you'll understand everything you need to know!

00:27 — First API call demo with Activate DATA
2:45 —Brief Me Shortcut Walkthrough
3:41 — Reply With Options Shortcut Walkthrough
5:18 — Chat with DATA Audio/Airpods (my fav) Demo
7:21 — Transcribe with Whisper & Speak with Elevenlabs Demo
8:19 — Unlimited Multi-Month Memory Demo
9:09 — Edit Mems Walkthrough
11:00 — Use With Siri in Airpods Walkthrough

This one-time purchase shortcut is yours for life once you buy it.

Experience the magic of ChatGPT right on your iOS device. 📱✨ Enjoy maximum privacy as none of your personal data leaves your phone, except via your personal OpenAI API key. 🛡️ Lander Tools (the author of this shortcut suite) has no access to your requests or conversation history, it's all stored in text files under iCloud>Shortcuts and syncs between all your Apple devices! Works on Watch, iPhone, and Mac.

Here's our ~20th customer @TopMass (Aka Matt) talking about magical moments with PhoneGPT on zoom with shortcut creator @SteveMoraco

🎥 A short video will guide you through the setup process, it is a breeze for anyone. 🎬

Key Features:

🔒 Maximum privacy: Your personal data stays on your phone and is only accessed through your OpenAI API key.

🌟 Two powerful models: Choose between gpt-3.5-turbo or gpt-4 for the perfect balance of performance and cost.

📱 Easy integration: Setup is a breeze with our step-by-step video guide and detailed Notion setup doc.

🧠 Persistent memory fields: PhoneGPT remembers your preferences, appointments, and more, just like a real-life personal assistant.

📅 Smart scheduling: Stay on top of your calendar with automatic updates and reminders.

☀️ Daily briefings: Get inspiring context and a rundown of what requires your attention each day.

⭐ Customizable prompts: Tailor PhoneGPT to your unique needs and interests for a truly personalized experience.

This is lifetime access version, for the $29/mo subscription version see:

The $99 starter pack includes shortcuts 1, 3, 4, 5, and 15 from the list you see below, basically, memory & personalization functions only.

If you'd like more than just the main 5 shortcuts, our breakdown of $100, $200, and $ 400 lifetime access add-on packs are here, or you can add them at checkout. All 20 are included in the subscription version.

The main Activate DATA package is $199, and includes all of these shortcuts with all the functionality explained in the demo video:

Main Shortcut:
1. Activate DATA

Custom Prompts & Schedule-able Actions / Automation:
2. Replay Briefing
3. Update DATA's Memory
4. Edit DATA Mems
5. Archive & Summarize DATA Mems
6. Come Up With Some Date Ideas
7. Reply
8. Reply with Options
9. Brief Me
10. Current Situation

Utilities / Helper Shortcuts:
11. Forecast with Dates
12. Cal to Text
13. Tweet To Text
14. Make Calendar Appointments
15. Initialize Data

5 Additional shortcuts are available with the HeadphonesGPT upgrade, including Voice & Audio chat mode. Compatibility & Voice Chat are included in these + 5 Bonus Shortcuts

  1. Chat with DATA
    Chat with DATA is the "Activate DATA" default shortcut replacement for the upgraded AirpodsGPT package. It allows you to choose 1 of 4 conversation modes to carry out your conversation in! Here are the modes available:

    "Realistic Voice Only" uses Elevenlabs API & Whisper to have a human-like conversation, just like the movie "her" or Jarvis!
    (you'll use about 5-10k characters a day on average in my experience)

    "Siri Only" uses Siri's natural voice instead of Elevenlabs (and so it's free to use unlimited)

    "Speak and Read" which is the same as "Siri Only" with text-read-out while you listen to the reply. This one is my favorite, and it's the quickest and most natural to use on a regular basis.

    "Let's Text" which is the same as Activate DATA, it's just like texting a superintelligent friend who has a perfect memory.

  2. Activate Jarvis
    This is a modified version of Chat with DATA that allows you to switch modes with every reply, so if you want to type one reply, then say another, then hear it speak to you the next time, you can do that.
  3. Transcribe with Whisper
    This shortcut takes any audio input/recording up to 25mb and transcribes it with Whisper. It is compatible with many audio file types, see the OpenAI Whisper-1 API docs for details.
  4. Narrate with Elevenlabs
    This shortcut takes any text in your clipboard (or any other input) and generates audio using your Elevenlabs API key. You'll need to get one before you install this shortcut.
  5. Speak Up
    This shortcut allows you to type and have Siri reply by speaking, it's the same as Activate Data except it talks out loud, and it's a little faster than using the other Voice shortcuts, so we threw it in as a bonus.

    You can also buy our CustomGPT package also comes with a video guide on building and troubleshooting your own complex multi-step interactive iOS shortcuts with various AI APIs, so you can make PhoneGPT your own, even if you don't know how to code.

Experience the magic of PhoneGPT4 and revolutionize the way you manage your life! With seamless integration and a user-friendly interface, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Set up in no time with our easy-to-follow video tutorial and comprehensive setup guide. Customize PhoneGPT4 to suit your personal needs, preferences, and lifestyle for a truly bespoke experience.

Please also enjoy our hilariously long 134-day Rocket Man 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, part of everything we do at LANDER. If you're not so stoked about this integration any time in the next 4.5 months, you can just email Steve@Lander.Media or DM me on Insta/Twitter for a full refund, no questions asked. Taxes and fees included!

(134 days, btw, is how long it took the team of 28-year-olds behind Apollo 8 to get to the moon once they found out the Russians were going to beat them, from a book called Rocket Men by Robert Kurson. A great read.)

Purchase PhoneGPT4 today for a one-time fee and unlock the full potential of your iOS device. With regular usage, expect an estimated cost of $5 per month with the GPT3.5Turbo API and ~$50 a month with GPT4, which OpenAI will bill your account monthly depending on your usage.

Get ready to enjoy the ultimate personal assistant experience right at your fingertips! Note: GPT-4 API Access requires a separate application on OpenAI's site.

Please allow 15 minutes to an hour for setup, depending on your tech proficiency.

If you read this far, use code "JARVIS" on the next page for a discount as a thank you for checking out!

I want this!

35 sales

On the next page you'll receive a notion link with a video guiding you through install instructions, and 5-20 iCloud shortcut links. It's as simple as a tap to install them on your phone.

You'll instantly receive download links to our 5 core shortcuts

Depending on which package you select at checkout, you can get up to 20 shortcuts, including Elevenlabs & Whisper features. The $99 version is just the core 5 shortcuts, from which you can build any of our other functionalities!

Takes ~10 minutes to install

Full walkthrough video available so you can see exactly how each shortcut works.

World-Class Support

Regular bug fixes included with your purchase, and we reply to all support requests by Twitter DM to @SteveMoraco, expect replies within 24 hours.




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